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Creativity is Contagious

Design your own masterpiece...limited only by your immagination


  • The engineered composite cover is soft, yet durable, crafted specifically for beach volleyball players.
  • Slightly raised hand-sewn seams provide the perfect height for optimal aerodynamics and control during play.
  • Contrasting panel colors provide better tracking along with neon highlights for higher visibility in different light conditions.
  • Retains weight and shape even in damp outdoor conditions.
  • You can only achieve Perfection by designing for athletes, using the best raw materials and paying attention to every detail. We’re proud to have the Beach Elite Volleyball as part of our Perfection Series.

ST5A Indoor Thermal Bonded Soccer Ball

  • The specially engineered glossy cover material is designed to maintain its appearance play after play on indoor soccer turf unlike standard outdoor soccer balls.
  • A reinforced rubber bladder provides maximum air retention and durability designed specifically for tough indoor soccer play.
  • Foam backing layer provides lively response that indoor soccer play demands.
  • For indoor play on turf.

SCORE with the VCOR

Did you know the VCOR is now the official volleyball of OFSAA in Ontario and British Columbia Girls/Boys Volleyball.  Technology to perfect your game.

Perfection for a Better Game

With innovation as its driving factor, Baden asked, "How do we make the game better for the player?" Baden's first major innovation in sports was creating the women's sized basketball, becoming the first athletic ball manufacturer to produce the women's ball, adopted by the NCAA in 1984. Since this achievement, Baden has innovated countless technologies for basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, baseball, and softball, including Axe baseball and softball bats, a line of ergonomic bats, which are changing the face of the game.

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame -  Knoxville, Tennesse USA

That same question and approach is how Baden views the start of any new product. Baden doesn't create "me too" products, but carefully analyzes each component of a ball or sports accessory, looking to optimize it for as close to perfect a user experience as possible for the player.


Baden's goal is to give its customers an authentic experience, from the people they interact with to the product they provide. Baden's vision statement, mission statement, and core values represent what Baden stands for and what is central to everything we do.


The sporting goods brand most trusted for world class quality and innovation


To anticipate and satisfy what our customers want and to respond with speed, quality, innovation, and authenticity.

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